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Close your eyes and go charcoal!

Charcoal is a lifestyle...

you hear something, you see something, you smell something or even you think about something ... at any time of the day, and you know you have to charcoal it. And you have to do it now. 

Indeed, the best charcoal drawings occur really spontaneously. You take the charcoal in your hand, close your eyes, stay in contact with the feeling of the image you want to draw and there you have it!

Then you open your eyes with expectation...


Most of the times you get surprised and your new charcoal goes directly into the bin. In the best cases you don´t have to do anything else. It looks great down there! 

Some other times you may think: "well, it could have gone better". And then you try to do it better and just a little bit later your very new retried drawing rests succesfully with his old wrinkled friends under your desk. 

But when you really get it... joy and orgasmic feelings come all together visit you and your are happy and you need to show everyone and you load your new child up into your social media and,... you get exhausted. But you got it right!

Let´s be serious - like the clown downstairs -.


Sometimes I ask myself where this passion for "black and white" comes from. I am a pianist and I manage everyday with black and white keys. That may be a common point, but just a superficial one. 

In fact, there are lots of similarities in the way I draw my charcoals and playing the piano or - in an extended way - making music. One of those may be that you only have one chance to do it "right"

But there are a few more similarities between charcoaling and music which I will be very glad to share with you the next time. 

Thanks for reading! Follow my blog and go charcoal!

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