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Welcome Mister Charcoal is a new online art gallery which focuses on black and white abstract and semiabstract charcoal drawings.

In all the wide repertoire of media available to the modern artitst, charcoal is the one most taken for granted. It is probably man´s most ancient medium, discovered by the first caveman artist who picked up a charred stick and made marks with it on a convenient, smooth rock.

Modern science and technology have modified and improved many of the artist materials, but charcoal has been essentially unchanged. Nor anything has been invented to replace it.

A stick of charcoal and a sheet of paper can be sufficient material for a masterpiece. The past centuries have contributed a vast treasury of masterpieces of drawing. Although the art of drawing has been somewaht neglected for about half a century, we are now entering a period of rediscovery. That´s why I have called this gallery WelcomeMrCharcoal. 

I hope you enjoy the drawings on this gallery as much as I enjoyed making them.

I will upload new pictures fast every week. If you want you can subscribe and be the first to get them fresh. 

On my blog I will write article about my inspiration and process or just about subjects which I find could be interestig for you as an art and charcoal lover. 

All the drawings in this gallery are origiginal and can be shipped for free to you within 1 to 3 workdays after I get your order -normally on the next day-. You will be informed about all the steps of the shipment per mail.

I always use high-quality illustration paper and charcoal for the pieces.

I wish you much fun and beautiful discoveries at WelcomeMrCharcoal!

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